Monday, September 12, 2011

My Favorite Movies Of 2010 Part 1

Fish Tank-This was the first great movie I saw from last year. Technically, it's from 2009, but it wasn't released where I live until last year. Fish Tank is about a British teenage girl named Mia (Katie Jarvis) who wants to be a hip-hop dancer. She doesn't get a lot of support from her family. When Mia's mother, Joanne (Kierston Wareing) starts dating a man named Colin (Michael Fassbender), Mia eventually starts to bond with him. One of the things I love about this movie is the acting. Katie Jarvis had never acted before this movie. She gave one of my favorite performances of the year, and I thought that she should've been nominated for a Best Actress Oscar. Michael Fassbender and Kierston Wareing were also great in their roles. The story was well-written and I liked the music in it.

The Social Network-I saw this movie in theatres last year. I would call it my #1 favorite movie of 2010. I've re-watched it more than any other movie of last year, and I still enjoy it. I remember watching the opening scene in the theatre and being blown away. It opens with a fast-paced conversation that's about six minutes long. I love that scene because it's entertaining, smart, and tells you so much about the main character's personality. The Social Network is (very loosely) based on the story of Mark Zuckerberg, who created the website Facebook as a student at Harvard, and the two lawsuits he faced by former classmates, who claimed he stole the idea for the website. This movie has impressive performances by Rooney Mara, Andrew Garfield, Armie Hammer, and Justin Timberlake, but especially by Jesse Eisenberg, who plays Mark Zuckerberg. I had seen him in movies before, but I thought his performance in The Social Network was amazing. He completely deserved his nomination for the Best Actor Oscar this year. The movie also has a brilliant screenplay by Aaron Sorkin.

Inception-Inception is probably the most original movie I saw last year. It is about a thief named Dom (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his team who are able to enter people's minds while they dream, and steal information. One day, Dom's team is hired to plant an idea in someone's head, which is known as "inception" and is almost impossible for them to do. This movie has a very interesting and complex story. I've seen it twice, which helped me understand some of the details and twists in the story better. It has incredible special effects and great action scenes.

The Kids Are All Right-I was looking forward to seeing this movie for a while, and I loved it. The Kids Are All Right is about lesbian couple named Nic (Annette Bening) and Jules (Julianne Moore), and their two teenage children, who are curious about meeting their biological father, Paul (Mark Ruffalo). As Paul meets and gets to know the family, it causes unexpected changes and problems for everyone. I was very impressed by Annette Bening's performance, which I thought was one of her best. Julianne Moore and Mark Ruffalo were also great. The movie has a good story with well-written characters.

Toy Story 3-I was a bit nervous at first about a third Toy Story movie. There aren't many great sequels and even less in third parts of a franchise. That's why I was really happy to see how well done this movie was. In Toy Story 3, the toys are trying to deal with Andy leaving for college when they are accidently sent to a day-care center. This movie is a perfect ending (I hope what I've been reading about a fourth movie is just a rumour) to the franchise. It's funny, smart, and very moving. I thought it deserved its nomination for Best Picture and win for Best Animated Picture.

Part 2 of My Favorite Movies Of 2010 coming soon.

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