Saturday, February 26, 2011

Movie Review-The Fighter

Title-"The Fighter"
Director-David O. Russell
Actors-Mark Wahlberg, Melissa Leo, Christian Bale, Amy Adams
"The Fighter" is a great movie and another one of my favorites of 2010. It is based on the true story of Mickey Ward, an amateur boxer from Lowell, Massachusettes who eventually goes pro. Most of the movie focuses on Mickey (Mark Wahlberg)'s complicated relationship with his family, including his mother and manager, Alice (Melissa Leo), and his older half-brother and trainer, Dicky (Christian Bale). Mickey loves his family, but they seem to be holding him back, especially Dicky, who was once a great boxer, but became addicted to crack. When Mickey starts dating a bartender named Charlene (Amy Adams), it causes more tension between Mickey and his family. This movie has a very compelling story. It also has amazing acting by the entire cast, especially by Christian Bale, who gives one of the most unforgettable performances I've ever seen, and by Mark Wahlberg, who gives a great understated performance. I really recommend watching "The Fighter" when it comes out on DVD.


Anonymous said...

this is one i am looking forward to watching, your review makes it sound awesome!

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