Thursday, April 26, 2012

Movies I Watched Last Week 9

The Hunger Games (2012, Rating: PG-13, Director: Gary Ross) (My Rating: 3/5) I enjoyed "The Hunger Games" more than I thought I would. Based on the book series by Suzanne Collins, "The Hunger Games" is about a future world where children and teenagers are forced to fight each other to the death. I thought it was an interesting movie, but I mostly liked it because of Jennifer Lawrence's performance, who played the main character, Katniss.

Shame (2011, Rating: R, Director: Steve McQueen) (My Rating: 5/5) I was totally blown away by this movie. I couldn't stop thinking about it for a while after watching it. "Shame" is about a man named Brandon (Michael Fassbender) who lives alone in New York City. Brandon is a sex addict. One night, his estranged younger sister, Sissy (Carey Mulligan) shows up at his apartment needing a place to stay, which upsets Brandon's life. This movie has a compelling story, as well as an absolutely riveting performance by Michael Fassbender. Along with Michael Parks's performance in "Red State", Michael Fassbender's performance in "Shame" is one of the best by an actor I've seen from 2011 so far. Carey Mulligan was also great and showed a lot of range as Sissy. I'm very surprised that neither of them were nominated for Oscars for their performances. If you watch this movie, be prepared for a lot of nudity and sexual content. In my opinion, the sex scenes are appropriate for the story, and are definitely not glamourized. "Shame" is one of the best movies of last year.

War Horse (2011, Rating: PG-13, Director: Steven Spielberg) (My Rating: 4/5) "War Horse" is a great movie. It's definitely sentimental, but it didn't cross the line to become overly sappy for me. "War Horse" is about a young British boy named Albert who becomes friends with a horse he calls Joey. When WWI begins, Joey is sold by Albert's father to the soldiers. From there, the movie becomes great. "War Horse" shows the different experiences Joey has in the war, and how he is affected by the different people he meets. At the same time, Albert enlists in the army to try to find Joey. "War Horse" is one of my favorite movies of last year.

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