Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween-Themed Movie Reviews: Red State

Since Halloween is coming up soon, I thought I would post some reviews of Halloween-themed movies I really liked. I'll post a new review every day until Halloween.

Director-Kevin Smith
Actors-Michael Angarano, Kyle Gallner, Nicholas Braun, Michael Parks, Melissa Leo

“Red State” might be Kevin Smith’s best film, and it is of the best films of the year, in my opinion. I’ve been a fan of Kevin Smith’s movies for years, especially “Chasing Amy”, “Jersey Girl”, and “Clerks”, but “Red State” is different than any movie he’s ever made. It is about three teenage friends named Travis (Michael Angarano), Jarrod (Kyle Gallner), and Billy-Ray (Nicholas Braun) who are lured to a remote trailer to meet an older woman, who offers them beer. After passing out, the boys find themselves trapped in a church run by an ultraconservative and homophobic pastor named Abin Cooper (Michael Parks), who has a frightening master plan. They also discover that the older woman is Abin’s daughter, Sarah (Melissa Leo). While the teenagers try to escape, the government is called in to raid the church, and the situation quickly becomes more dangerous and complicated for everyone involved. The writing in this movie is excellent, with an unpredictable story, and three-dimensional characters. The acting by the entire cast is wonderful, but especially by Michael Parks, whose performance as Abin is terrifying, fascinating, and Oscar-worthy. I really recommend watching “Red State”.

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