Saturday, October 20, 2012

Movie Review-Life In A Day

Rating- PG-13
Director-Kevin McKidd
Life in a Day
“Life In A Day” is a great documentary and one of the best movies of 2011 I’ve seen in general. In 2010, the website YouTube started a project asking people to film themselves during the course of one day: July 24th, 2010. About 4, 500 hours of footage was submitted to the website, from over 90 countries. The footage was edited and put in chronological order, showing the beginning of the day to midnight. There are scenes of people from all over the world doing ordinary things like waking up and eating breakfast, as well as more exciting scenes, like a person skydiving. There are also sections where the people taking part in the project are asked simple questions like “What do you love?”, “What is in your pocket right now?” and “What do you fear most?”. What I love most about this documentary is that even with cultural, religious, and political differences, it shows people as being essentially the same. It’s one of the most moving and unpredictable films I’ve ever seen. "Life In A Day" is available to watch on YouTube for free, and I really recommend it.

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