Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Movie Review-Midnight In Paris

Title-"Midnight In Paris"

Rating- PG-13

Director-Woody Allen

Actors-Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams, Tom Hiddleston, Alison Pill, Corey Stoll, Adrien Brody, Marion Cottilard



Midnight in Paris

"Midnight In Paris" is one of my favorite movies of 2011. It's funny, well-written, and very entertaining. Midnight In Paris" is about a man named Gil (Owen Wilson), a screenwriter on vacation in Paris with his fiancee, Inez (Rachel McAdams), and her parents. Gil is more interested in writing novels than screenplays, and sometimes wishes that he lived in an earlier time. After going for a walk one night, Gil discovers that he has been magically transported back to the 1920's. There, he meets famous writers and artists like F. Scott Fitzgerald (Tom Hiddleston) and his wife Zelda (Alison Pill), Ernest Hemingway (Corey Stoll), and Salvador Dali (Adrien Brody). He also meets a woman named Adriana (Marion Cottilard), who causes him to consider staying in this alternate reality. The movie has good acting, particularly by Owen Wilson, Alison Pill, and by Adrien Brody, who was very funny as Salvador Dali. I really recommend watching "Midnight In Paris".

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