Thursday, March 1, 2012

Movie Review-Certified Copy

Title-"Certified Copy


Director-Abbas Kiarostami

Actors-Juliette Binoche, William Shimell



Certified Copy (Criterion Collection)

“Certified Copy” is a very interesting movie. It is about a British writer named James (William Shimell) who is doing a book tour in Italy. James has written a book about art, particularly about his theory that a copy of a great work of art has as much value as its original. During one stop, a French woman (Juliett Binoche) living in Italy gets a few copies of the book signed, and offers to show James around Italy. During the tour they have many conversations about James’s theory, and find that they disagree on that and just about everything else. As the day goes on, it starts to seem like James and the woman may have met before, and have known each other for longer than one day. This movie has well-written dialogue and a story that keeps you guessing. It also has great performances by Juliette Binoche and by first-time actor, William Shimell. I recommend watching “Certified Copy”.

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